June Mission Trip Update
We had the privilege to host a delightful group of teens for the June summer youth outreach from Our Finest Hour Church in Coweta, OK.  They ministered dramas in 8 schools and 2 parks to 1679 people and 147 gave their hearts to the Lord.  They did a tremendous job on the dramas as each one learned their part well and gave it their all.  The team didn’t have to say a word but the gospel was preached through each different act in the drama.  Four members of the group were part of our family and that made the trip so much more delightful.  We trust to see them back on another trip in the near future.

July Mission Trip Update
Our July youth group of 55, represented by 4 churches from the US, was a dynamic group of teens.  Together with their leaders, they did an awesome job on ministering 2 dramas in 25 schools to 5626 people.  The anointing and the grace of God on this team was amazing.  The lives of so many teens were truly touched by the power of God as we broke up into small groups to minister to them.  We rejoice that 780 opened their hearts to receive Jesus and there were another 269 reconciliations.  They also had the privilege to share the love of Jesus in three homes of special needs children.  The children/teens were delighted and the U.S. group had the time of their lives which was the highlight of the whole week.

Bible School Update
Our Bible school students are required to set up and minister in a campaign as part of their training and WOW, did they do an awesome job.  They divided into five groups and went throughout Guatemala; some traveling a distance of 10 hours.  They did the worship, the preaching, presented dramas, and shared testimonies to 16,078 people with 3019 giving their hearts to the Lord.  The drama was presented 70 times.  They returned rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord!

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