We are so truly thankful to our Father God for a very productive and fruitful 2015.  We have seen growth in all areas of the ministry.   We had a very dynamic group of students this year - 584 that graduated on the 14th of November.   Our Christmas outreach through Operation Shoebox was one of the best ever.   We had an awesome group of 64 that came from the U.S. to help us distribute approx. 10,566 boxes of goodies – we did 19 activities and we presented a program in each activity, a short mini-message and then gave an altar call.  We rejoice that approx. 5,525 children, youth, and adults received Jesus into their heart.  


After the group left, we distributed another 6,803 shoeboxes extending over into Belize, Haiti, and Panama, making a total of 17,369 children and youth that were blessed during Christmas 2015; a gigantic thanks to all of our Shoebox partners.  We rejoice that another 1,687 were brought into the kingdom making it a total of 7,212 that received Jesus into their heart and 204 reconciliations; glory be to God!

Our local church grew more than 700 last year praise be to God. The two medical clinics and two youth groups were awesome and very productive. We thank the Lord and our partners, family, and friends for your prayers and support through 2015.  We enter into 2016 with even greater expectation! To God be praised!



Almost daily, we have semis and delivery trucks traveling the private road and drives of the Living Water Teaching US Headquarters just outside of Dallas, Texas. The road has reached a point because of the heavy rains and flooding along with the mud, that last year there were times that trucks would not have made it down the road if we would have had deliveries during those days. This cannot happen! The US Headquarters is the drop point for everything that goes overseas through the ministry. We have just a matter of months before Shoebox deliveries start flowing in and the road has to be redone.  We are asking for you to partner with us in this time sensitive project. We have almost 50,000 square feet of road and drives that must be reworked and that totals out to approximately 30 loads (dump truck and trailer) of rock being brought in and then graded. We serve a BIG God and we know this is nothing too big or small for Him! Total financial cost for this project is $22,500 and we are standing firm on Job 22:28 and declaring it done now, PAID IN FULL!

CLICK HERE to sow your seed now into this project.



By Pastor Clarence Wright
LWT Guatemala Director

Greetings to our Friends and Partners,

Praise God for His Blessings of 2015 – But Praise Him even more for His Blessings for 2016.  As you know, one of the key words in the book of Hebrews is the word “Better” – “Better Covenant” - “Better Promises” - “Better Sacrifice” - “Better Things for us”.

Our Lord Jesus came into this world to make everything better for the human race.  And it just keeps getting better and better for the person that believes this truth!  “You Must Believe God”.

This year for LWT is going to be like no other year – 2016 – “THE YEAR TO BECOME RICH IN FAITH”!

Have you ever dreamed of being rich?  Most of us probably have at some time.  The good news is that we all can be and it has nothing to do with money.  James 2:5 (ISV) tells us that “God has chosen the poor of this world to become Rich in Faith, and heirs of the Kingdom which He has promised to them that love Him”.  

As we study Faith – we see that there are different levels or degrees of Faith.  All the way from “No Faith” – “Little Faith” – “Strong Faith” - “Great Faith” – “Full of Faith” to “Rich in Faith”.  What is wonderful about this, is every believer in Jesus Christ has been given a “Measure of Faith” Romans 12:3.  It is then our responsibility to grow our Faith in the Word – Romans 10:17 - by looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith – Hebrews 12:2.

In Luke 17, the apostles asked Jesus to “Increase their Faith”.  Jesus then gave them, along with you and me, a lesson on how Faith can grow from a small seed to something powerful enough to cast our problems into the sea and experience victory in every area of our lives.  May we believe for Increasing Faith in 2016!

I encourage you to study about the Heroes of Faith in Hebrews 11.  I call what they did by their Faith, the “Golden Fruits of their Faith” – and by the way - you and I are producing Fruits of our Faith, also – It is up to us what kind and how much!!!!!

Keep climbing and I will see you at the top of the Ladder of Faith.

In His Service with You,
Clarence Wright


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