On October 20th, we loaded two 40' containers at our US Headquarters in Caddo Mills, TX and sent them on their way to Guatemala.  We have had partners from around the US giving to this life changing outreach throughout the year.  We went from having a full 5,000 square foot warehouse to having a very empty one.   



We sent a total of 36 pallets loaded with blessings for the children of Guatemala.  We are already getting items in for the 2016 outreach and if you would like to learn more about this outreach CLICK HERE or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

During the 2014 Shoebox outreach, we blessed 14,884 children and saw 5,554 children and adults give their lives to Christ.  This December, we are believing for many more lives to be touched and changed.  We will be sending out an update following the December trip, so be sure to be watching! 





We had a dynamic group of 21 join us in Guatemala for our October Medical Campaign, with 8 first timers.  We went to Ayutla, Tecun Uman which is right at the Mexican border.  It was pretty warm but thank God, there were nice hotels for those that wanted them with air-conditioning, so we slept well. 

We closed the clinic around noon on Friday to get everything cleaned and packed up and returned to Xela in the afternoon.  In the 2 ½ days, 2300 people passed through the clinic with the doctors treating 1563 of them, the dentists 123, and there were 614 eye exams performed.  All 2300 passed through the area of prayer, were prayed for, and 390 received Jesus as their Savior, with 39 reconciliations, 43 healings, and 11 were filled with the Holy Spirit.  At the Wednesday night service, another 43 received the Lord and on Thursday night another 15 received the Lord, making it a total of 448 total salvations.  On Saturday, we went to the general hospital and prayed for many patients and one received the Lord, making a total of 449 new converts.

This group flowed in harmony, had an excellent team spirit, loved on the people and some of the new comers said that they were returning and bringing others with them. They were so thankful that they had come. It was an awesome week and they were special people and we give all the glory, praise, and thanks to our Father God and the Lord Jesus Christ. The people we ministered to were also very thankful that we had come.

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Making Disciples Through Training & Demonstration
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His Way Is Perfect!

By Dr. Keith Spanberger

Many of the issues we have today are the direct response to the fact that people get a glimpse of God and His Son, Jesus, in the church but the revelation of His Kingdom is missed.  We speak on love, grace, faith, prosperity and every other topic we can find, but never giving people a foundation with which to stand on with those topics.  It’s like a car seat with no car or an ink pen with no ink cartridge; it’s only a part of the pieces we need to have completeness.

In 2 Samuel 22:31AMP version it says, “As for God, His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried.  He is a Shield to all those who trust and take refuge in Him.”  If God’s way is perfect, then His Kingdom is perfect and if His Kingdom is perfect, then everything pertaining to it is perfect.  All the topics I mentioned above are topics of the Kingdom, but they are not the Kingdom.  We need to build people a Kingdom reality and then fill it with the pieces from there.  But, instead, we give them the pieces and hope that they can put them altogether for themselves.  This is where frustration and loss of hope come into the picture. 

We tell people to pray and receive their healing or financial miracle without teaching them the foundation of the Kingdom and so they never fully realize that miracles are simply a natural law of the Kingdom and nothing more than luck in the worldly kingdom.  Kingdom reality is key to walking in whatever it is God has called you to do and be. 


Being a Water Carrier partner is easy and the benefits are eternal.  Through your giving to Living Water Teaching, you are becoming a partaker together with us in the touching and changing the lives of those God has called us to.  We also send out a monthly partner teaching letter to encourage you.  You can call the office at 1-903-527-4160 and we can answer all of your questions about partnering with Living Water Teaching.  We can also give you information on our mission trips, and how to participate with us in Operation Shoebox.  You can CLICK HERE and sow your seed right now.  

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