Gary & Katrina Walters have served as missionaries with Living Water Teaching for the past 29 years in Central America. After serving in El Salvador for four years, the Lord led them to direct the work in Honduras where they have been stationed for the past 23+ years.

Since the work began in 1991, God has opened and continues to open doors of utterance. The Bible Training Center (which operates on a weekly basis) ministers to over 200 people regularly and has graduated over 1700 from its first, second and third-year Bible Training Center Programs. Plans are to ultimately extend the current three-year BTC to a four-year program. In addition, 2-3 day seminars are given periodically for Pastors and leaders in other specialized areas of ministry. Seasoned ministers and teachers are also welcome to come from the States and teach in the many Bible Training Centers that are continually in session.


The local church serves as the base of the ministry; it was started in 1996 at God’s leading. This aspect of the ministry in Honduras serves as a place of discipleship where teachers can be developed and sent out into the Bible Training Center extension schools around the country. There are six autonomous local church bodies that have sprung out of LWT-Church Honduras via faithful men who were trained under the teachings; five are active in Honduras and one in the USA.

A Christian school “Living Water Academy” began in 1999 with 21 students and has grown to 120+ students from K-4 through 12th grade. The mission statement of the school is “…Where Character and Christian Leaders are Built”. The main focus in the Academy is to teach Biblical principles so that graduates will go on to make an eternal difference not only in this country but in others as well. Students who complete their studies receive a duo diploma recognized in both Honduras and in the USA. Interns are welcome for short-term missions to serve in Living Water Academy.

In 2007, Emily Hennek came to join the ACE staff and has been working in the Pre-School area. She has been with us seven years now. In addition to her school responsibilities, she serves in the area of Sound and Media with the Praise and Worship Team in the local church.

Currently LWT-Honduras has a full time staff of 33 people for the church, ministry, and school.

The Walters reside in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras with their two boys, Garrett & Josiah Brett. Garrett is a Third-Year Rhema Alumni, graduating from the Pastors’ Course in 2011 and the Worship Course in 2013. He moved to Honduras in January, 2014 to serve the Honduran people. The Walters’ two girls, Leisel & Kirsten, presently live in the USA. Lowell & Leisel (Walters) Burns live in Tennessee with their twin baby girls, and Kirsten Walters, ministers at the ACE Educational Ministry Offices in Madison, TN. Pastors Gary & Katrina Walters - Honduras

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